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As you travel through these pages, photos and stories remember someone you know who went to Vietnam and served his or her country with pride and dignity. Also remember that when he or she came home they were maligned, subjected to, ridicule, harassment, and often out and out physical assault. They were vilified by the media, anti war activists, and most painfully by their fellow veterans and "pretend" veterans of VVAW. Despite the treatment that created the stereotypical Vietnam Veteran as scruffy, homeless, drugged out, suicidal, traumatized "Victims" of the War who can barely function in society -the vast majority of Vietnam Veterans have returned to civilian life as well adjusted and productive members of society.


This page is dedicated to all Veterans everywhere and especially to those of the Vietnam War's
Brown Water Navy River Patrol Forces, of T.F. 116, code named
Game Warden

My Boat PBR 110 of River Division 531
In the Front Gun tub you see my Boat Seaman O.D.
Manning the after gun is Andy
out of view in the Coxswains Flat (under the Flag) is Luke and myself
The photo was taken in the Mekong River at Christmas time, 1968, up near the Cambodian border.

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