Best in Show

"Mornin' Ladies"

This is a photo of the lifesize Eastern Wild Turkey taken right after he was awarded First in Lifesize Upland Game Birds category  and First in Show,  Ward Foundation 1987 World Championship Wild Fowl Carving Competition, Novice Class Decorative Lifesize Wildfowl. The competition was held in Ocean City Maryland in April 1987.

The Turkey was carved for my Master of Arts Degree program, in Studio Art, at Eastern Illinois University, Charleston Illinois. I wrote a proposal to the Art Department that I combine all disciplines into one subject. In other words, I used the Design to fulfill the design requirement, I used the Carving as the Sculpture requirement, the painting as the Painting requirement, the making of feet, leaves and other metal fabricated parts as the Metals requirement etc.

You must keep in mind that that type of proposal will not normally be accepted by any University, (I know of only one other case and that was at Carnegie-Mellon University) especially for younger students. I had already completed 21 years in and had retired from the U.S. Navy. I was 46 years old at the beginning of the project.