Jone's Page


EN 2 Jones

Jones came to my crew early in my tour. He was always good for a laugh or two. He was a good engineman and kept our engines and pumps in great shape. He could make things work out on the river that most Engineman would have to have the Maintenance Department fix.
I'll never forget the night we were in a very fierce fire fight and the trouble that Jones was having firing his after 50 caliber machine gun around a 50 gallon oil drum that we had on board. We were carrying supplies for our Division which was forward based in a place called Rach Gia when we were attacked by the VC.
Unfortunately Jones didn't get to finish his tour. He was seriously wounded on December 8, 1968 and was MEDIVACed out of country.
I was able to locate Jones in the spring of 1999 and am glad to report that he is doing well despite his long convalescence and problems associated with his wounds. He is now a professional Chimney Sweep.