Luke's Page

GMG 3 Luke

Luke came to my crew early in my tour and remained with me through the remainder of my tour. He was a great young man with a dedication to our war effort that is hard to believe. You never had to worry about a gun on board PBR 110-they would all work.
Luke had the courage of the young and if I had a risky job to do you could bet Luke would be the first to volunteer to go with me. In fact this particular photo was take just moments before a "Loach" from the MRF crashed just around the corner from were we were having a can of Beanie and Weenies for lunch. Luke and I spent the rest of the day in the water searching for the Crew and remnants of the helicopter. Unfortunately we were not successful.
When my tour was up, Luke extended his tour and volunteered for a different kind of job. He didn't finish his tour. He received his 3rd Purple Heart and was sent home under his protests.
I located Luke in the spring of 1999 and am happy to report that he is doing well and is in the construction business. His interests are hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.