MN 1 C.H. Martin, Boat Capt.; GMG 3 V. B. Lucas, Gunner; SN W.T. O'Donnell, Seaman; EN 3 D. B. Anderson, Engineman

This is the crew of PBR 110 while we were patrolling the Grand Canal (LA Grange-Onglon Canal) in an operation called "Barrier Reef West". The Grand Canal was a man made canal that ran from An Long on the Mekong River, up near the Cambodian Border, through the Plain of Reeds to Tuyen Nhon on the Vam Co Tay river near the Parrot's Beak. We nick named the canal "Route 66".

 As you can see this canal is straight and narrow. It did make a couple of minor bends in its length, but was essentially straight between the bends. The dirt from digging of the canal was stacked on the  south side of the canal (left side of the photo) and made a high bank that was great for ambushing us. All the people built their hooches on and lived on the high bank. No one lived on the north bank as in the rainy season the whole plain floods as there is no high ground.

The area was populated by the Hoa Hoa (pronounced waa how) religious sect. The Hoa Hoa had a dislike for the government in Saigon and a dislike for the Viet Cong  (VC). They liked us and were by far the best VC fighters I ran across in my tour in Vietnam.