Quail Covey

"Now I lay Me down to Sleep"

This Basswood carving of a covey of seven miniature Bob White Quail was carved for the 1988 Ward Foundation World Championship Wild Fowl Carving Competition that was held in Ocean City, Maryland in April 1988.

The Carving won Best in Category, Miniature Upland Game Birds, and First in Show, Intermediate Class, decorative Miniature Wildfowl.

The requirement on size that was promulgated by the Ward Foundation, required that the entire carving fit within the confines of an 8 inch cube.

The carving depicts a covey of Quail as they settle in for the nights sleep. As he held the Carving, a former President of the United States told his young companion that "When they get up in the morning there will be a pile of Doo Doo there" as he pointed to the center of the carving.