River Division 531
23 Sept. 1968


23 September 1968

    This is being my last letter to the families of the men of River Division 531,  I would like to say a few words about the men themselves,  the jobs they are doing and my personal feelings about the situation here in Vietnam. Before I begin, let me explain my "last" letter. Today I was relieved as Commander River Division 531 by Lieutenant Tom ANDERSON and thus will be returning to my family and home in Illinois.  Needless to say I have been waiting for this day for quite some time as I have been away since August 1967; however there is some regret associated with my departure which is certainly understandable when one is being separated from men he has grown to trust, respect and depend upon.

    I can only explain the performance of your husbands and sons by saying it is and has been outstanding.  The hours are long, the living conditions not the best and the rewards are often not readily recognized, but yet these men continue under such conditions.  It is difficult to describe what our daily routine is like for it would take several pages, but let it suffice for me to say these are good men doing a tremendous job.  It is a job I happen to believe has to be done.  the Vietnamese people need our help and we must stop the Communist aggression here and now. I am not what would be called a "hawk", but I am definitely not a "dove". I happen to believe in our country and and what it stands for and thus I have considered it a privilege to serve my country by being in Vietnam.  Being a father of two young boys, I have a special desire to see them grow up in a free world and perhaps the job we are doing here in Vietnam will help ensure that. Well, enough of my patriotic speech.

I will close by saying - have patience for the year will soon be over and your husband and sons will be back with you again.  At times I had doubts, but the end will eventually come.

Very sincerely

(signed) K. G. Klinck

K. G. Klinck